What are the important factors that create good classroom atmosphere?

A good and positive classroom atmosphere is necessary for the student’s academic success. It is clear that a positive class atmosphere improve the academic performance of the students compare to the students who faces difficulties in their classrooms. It also provides and improves the self esteem of each individual. Creating a positive class atmosphere is an important duty of every teacher and it is depends on the characteristics of the teacher. A good teacher can lead their students in to a best path with proper guidance and assistance.

As a good teacher, it is the responsibility of the teacher to create a good learning atmosphere. There are lots of factors that make a great classroom atmosphere for students. Including all these qualities in to classroom learning, we can improve the academic performance of each student without any difficulties. It is the responsibility of the teacher to organize things, different usage of materials, making best seating arrangements, communication and interaction between teacher and students and among students etc. All the above mentioned factors effect to the atmosphere of each classroom.

A classroom must have a positive and calm atmosphere. It is important that students feel safety and secure within the classrooms. A good class room atmosphere always gives a positive energy to students and motivates them to involve in all the activities effectively without any fear. Positive atmosphere always helps to the growth of people with courage to face any challenges. Seating and classroom layout is one of the important factors that deeply influence the classroom atmosphere. Classroom furniture and must be in good condition. Otherwise student’s concentration may fall in to them and they can’t focus on learning. Also seating arrangement should be proper. Make sure that all the short students are seated in front portion and tall students are in back portion. Otherwise it may cause vision problem for students within the classroom. Also it should be in a manner that is useful for teacher to monitor each and every activities of their students.

Group activity is another important thing that bring positive class atmosphere among students. Students get more involve while they participate in group activities. It provides them more actively involved as an individual. This gives a strength and courage for each student with the presence of their colleagues. Studies prove that group activities influences students to more compare to individual activities. Encourage the students and make a good relationship with them is an important to build up a good classroom atmosphere. Compliment the students for their great work and encourage them to achieve more and more in their life too. An encouraging word from teacher always makes a positive spirit in students. It is the duty of the teacher to teach students to encourage and compliment their colleagues in their difficulties and success.

Many students face some kinds of partiality problems in their classroom. These kinds of activities deeply effect to the student’s academic performance. Some teacher may giving priority only for some students and always shows some partiality towards others. This is not a good approach. This may cause depression in students and they can’t perform well too. So a teacher should be a person who should never show any partiality towards their students. Consider everyone as same and give consideration same for all. This will build a good and positive atmosphere within the class room.

Neat and hygienic classroom is necessary for wellbeing students. It is the responsibility of the teachers and students to clean their classrooms and surrounding for the best and good atmosphere. Consider all these things in a class room always give a positive spirit to students as well as teachers. Give priority to all these things and build a class room with love and care.